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    Miami’s suburbs – Aventura and Hallandale Beach

    As we’ve mentioned earlier, Miami is a metropolis with a thousand faces, and as many suburbs. Boca Raton, Weston, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and we could go on so log with how many towns make Miami’s agglomeration. We’ve been to two places thanks to DERTOUR Hungária, so here’s a little foretaste about Aventura and Hallandale Beach.

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    The name Aventura may sound familiar for everyone who’s been to Miami already, or is adept in fashion’s world. The attraction of the town with barely 35 thousand inhabitants is Aventura Mall, the number one luxury shopping centre of Miami; though it’s almost 25 kilometers away from the city. It’s not too showish from the outside, seems like a totally average mall, but from the inside you can see all the elegancy and luxury. Basically every known luxury brands of the world can be found here, there are exactly 300 shops on 250,000 square meters. And if you arrive by car, you won’t have any issue with the parking lots, as there are 10,000 of them.


    Aventura Mall opened its gates in 1983, and today it’s known as one of the best shopping centers of North-America. So it’s not surprising that visitors with a shopping fever arrive here from every part of the States, and it’s a popular destination for foreign tourists too. If you’ve checked the luxury stores, hop in to Grand Lux Café, where you can have a cooling drink or worship culinary pleasures in a really ambient environment.

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    Over and above we can rather see condominiums in Aventura (as against the other suburbs), but the famous Turnberry Isle Golf Resort can be found here too, and the hotel complex coming with it; from which we’ve already told in our article “Top 10 luxury resorts of South-Florida”. Two world-standard, 18-hole golf courts are awaiting sport lovers, and you can also use the hotel’s SPA and fitness sections and pools.


    Hallandale Beach is located directly on the north of Aventura and Golden Beach. It received its name from the Swedish Luther Halland, who was assigned by the local railway association’s owner to create a Swedish settlement south from Dania Beach founded by the Danish. Halland chose this cheap land, and they later changed its name to Hallandale first, then to Hallandale Beach. For today, Hallandale Beach is one of the most dynamically developing towns of the region.


    The main appeal of Hallandale Beach is Gulfstream Park and Casino, which is the most important derby center of America since 1939. If you’re somewhere around, you surely won’t miss it, as there’s a more than 30 meters tall Pegasus not far from the entrance. The whole installation which was ready by the summer of 2016 was 30 million dollars for Frank Stronach, the owner of Gulfstream Park, and the idea owner of this creation. The 5000 pieces of the artifact depicting the fight of the Pegasus and a dragon – so the god and the bad – weighs altogether 700 tons.



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    Besides, in Hallandale there’s a notable financial quarter operating full of banks and broker houses. There aren’t too much hotels, though more and more tourists are coming here to unwind, as – not like in Miami Beach – beaches here are less crowded. Weather, thanks to the frostless climate, attracts a lot from the northern states, mostly wealthy pensioners.


    Beachwalk Resort is the 33-story, 4-star hotel located next to Hallandale Beach Boulevard. From the hotel, there’s a gorgeous view on the bay and city as well. All 216 rooms of the recently built hotel has a balcony, is furnished with a taste, and offers services of a 4-star level. If there’s no private event, you should definitely check the panorama pool on the terrace, which gives an unforgettable experience and panorama.

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    The ocean shore is 5 minutes on foot, but we can ask for direct transfer too. In North City Beach Park we find a volleyball court, showers and a cocktail bar. Aventura and Hallandale Beach both deserves a visit.

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