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Naples of the American elite in Florida

One of South-Florida’s most elegant towns lay on the coastline of the Mexican Bay, 120 miles from Miami on the western edge of the Everglades National Park. The word “elegant” is not a coincidence, as this is one of America’s richest towns. The average salary per person is over 17 million HUF/year (we mean its dollar equivalent), so it’s clear …

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Miami – a city with a thousand faces

If you want to see the „real” America, don’t go to Miami – that’s what the phrase says. We have to agree, and it’s somehow the same as the South-Spanish Marbella. Not really Spain, but we would go back again and again anytime. That’s how we feel about Miami as well. It will soak you up. Miami is the most …

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Key West – Hemingway and president Truman knew

If we are in Florida – and especially if we’ve already been to Miami Beach and wandered around Miami – there’s a must, that we should also see. It’s the southernmost city of the United States, Key West. Key West is a 4-hour, exciting and spectacular way from Miami. Most of the 260-km road consist of Overseas Highway, which is …

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Miami’s suburbs – Aventura and Hallandale Beach

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Miami is a metropolis with a thousand faces, and as many suburbs. Boca Raton, Weston, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and we could go on so log with how many towns make Miami’s agglomeration. We’ve been to two places thanks to DERTOUR Hungária, so here’s a little foretaste about Aventura and Hallandale Beach. The name Aventura may …

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Top 10 luxury hotels of South-Florida

As you’ve read in several articles already, thanks to DERTOUR Hungária, Világutazó has been to Florida and we’ve checked out the best hotels of the area. Some of them we only visited, but luckily, we could spend a night or two in some of them. The below list is subjective, and we did not give them placings (though at the …

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Miami Beach – Ocean Drive and the Art Deco quarter

What’s the Eiffel Tower to Paris, the Colosseum for Rome and the Statue of Liberty for New York, is undoubtedly Ocean Drive and the Art Deco quarter for Miami. Perhaps the most interesting street in the whole USA runs through 2 kilometers by the shoreline of Miami Beach, attracting millions of visitors every year to the southernmost large city of …

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