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7 unmissable sights at Amsterdam’s surroundings

 If you’ve seen all of Amsterdam’s sights, discover the city’s surroundings too. You can be part of plenty of different experiences in less than 30 minutes, from windmills to the famous tulip fields, and experiences on the coast of the North Sea. Let’s see what colorful programs are awaiting you in the neighborhood of Amsterdam. Discover the old Dutch windmills …

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Paradise campings on the island of Krk

Camping Krk Valamar - 5 csilagos kemping Krk szigetén

I’ve spent 5 days in the best campings of Croatia, and it was enough to detect: 1. camping is more popular than ever and 2. I want to come back again to see the unique scenery while washing up the dishes. Am I mad? I don’t think so. I’ve never really been that camping type, and I’m not keen on …

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River cruise on the Danube: Wachau – Linz-Passau

During our cruise after Bratislava and Vienna, we went on to the direction of Passau on the board of Amadeus Royal to visit one of the Danube’s most beautiful stretches, the Wachau-valley; and to finish our journey with the concert of the organist Gergely Rákász after our sightseeing in Linz. The journey’s most beautiful morning was at the gate of …

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The karst-land of Slovenia – Postojna and the castle of Predjamski

Slovenia’s proximity and accessibility is not the only reason we love it; it has something new to show every time. We’ve already been skiing in Slovenia’s best ski paradises, we’ve admired the always wonderful Bled, but we’ve also tasted divine vines on the south next to the shoreline, and bathed in the special thermal waters too. This year we’ve looked …

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Hidden sights of Paris

Paris is the perfect destination as it’s not only reachable easily and comfortably all year with direct lines from Budapest Airport, but it also contains a lot of sights you wouldn’t even think about. They say that the uniqueness and beauty of Paris is in its exceptional diversity. After seeing all the mandatory sights, had a romantic stroll at the …

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5 special programs in Slovenia, one step away from the border

We have been to Bled, Bohinj, the Vintgar-canyon, and many more wonderful and special places in our western neighbour, Slovenia, but it still has things to show. Now we offer 5 special programs from right next to the border. Just leave the Hungarian-Slovenian border behind, and special experiences are waiting for you, either on your way to Bled, or just …

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