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    5 special programs in Slovenia, one step away from the border

    We have been to Bled, Bohinj, the Vintgar-canyon, and many more wonderful and special places in our western neighbour, Slovenia, but it still has things to show. Now we offer 5 special programs from right next to the border. Just leave the Hungarian-Slovenian border behind, and special experiences are waiting for you, either on your way to Bled, or just for a short trip.

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    Orchid farm in the neighbourhood

    Who thought that in Slovenia, a few minutes from the Hungarian border, they grow over 2 million orchids with the use of geothermal energy? Well that’s exactly what they do in Dobronak. The Ocean Orchids company deals with the cultivation and disposal of the Phalaenopsos orchids since 2005. We saw hundred thousands of orchids on the territory of the factory, the huge, closed, almost 4-acre area where unfortunately there’s no possibility of admittance; but in our previous live stream video anyone can check the wonderful orchid fields. Then again Ocean Orchids created a 1500 square metres tropical garden, which is in one block the company’s exhibitor and sales area. Here we can walk among more than 350 different known and less-known plants, such as bananas, mangos, pineapples, papayas, coffee and pepper-plants, silvan ferns and flamingo flowers, and we can require Hungarian guidance as well to get to know practically everything about them. The tropical garden is open for visitors 365 days a year, and we can purchase a ticket for only 5 Euros.


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    Feeding deers in Olimje

    Not only children, but also their parents fed with wonder the dozens of deers around them in the town of Olimje, only a few kilometres from the Croatian border. The home of these deers is the 6-acre asset of Jelenov Greben guesthouse lying on a hilltop, where they can move totally free; so in case of good weather, we can take a close look at the peacefully resting animals even from the terrace of the great restaurant. The guesthouse operates a whole farm where they make organic vegetables, divine meats and jams. Of course, there are some sights in Olimje too, for example the abbey, or the pharmacy museum; which should not be confused with the pharmacy museum-looking, but still operating pharmacy, though I would rather call it a herb-shop as they don’t sell classical medicines. In every phial, essences of the abbey’s herb garden are mixed. It’s a bonus pleasure for children and sweet-toothed adults that the Olimje chocolate manufacture is only a hundred meters from the abbey. We can try the whole chocolate assortment on the ground floor, and with a little luck, we can look into the process of chocolate making too. If you spend the night in Olimje, choose the Jelenov Garden guesthouse, or Ortenia Bio-apartments in the neighbouring town, Podcetrtek just a few kilometres away, which is an island of peacefulness satisfying every needs, where we can hide from the sound of the city, and indulge in relaxing.



    Post-apocalyptic burger house in Muraszombat

    35 kilometres from the Hungarian border we find the biggest settlement of the Mura-land, Muraszombat, which still has only 12 thousand residents. After all, it is excellent in hospitality, and local politics supporting minorities in every way (ex.: bilingual worships and education)… and yes, burgers too. Hamburger and beer was expecting us at an unexpected place. In the heart of Muraszombat there’s BunkerBar, which mixes a fusion of post-apocalyptic and steampunk lines in a unique way, in a restaurant that can be considered a museum as well. Decoration is mesmerizing, so the Mad Max movie fans will surely roam around between the ground floor and the upper floor, watching the facilities. Of course, after checking the outlooks, we sat down and tasted the burgers and local beers, which were simply perfect. So, it’s not a coincidence that the place is full every evening, and people come here from the neighbouring towns to have dinner. We advise everyone travelling around to hop in for a burger, satisfaction is guaranteed. A great opportunity for this is the biggest music festival of the region – Sobota Days Festival – held this year (2017) between June 23 and July 1.


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    Trip to the middle of a volcano – Vulkanija

    30 minutes’ drive to the north from Muraszombat there’s a special interactive museum, which first of all children will embosom, but adults can have fun as well. The interactive museum named Vulkanija is in the middle of a volcano’s crater that was active 3 million years ago. Visitors of the museum can get to know about volcanos’ emergence, types and operation, all of this in a playful way with the help of audio-visual technology. Oli, the mole is assisting through the visit, and turns up at the most unexpected places and situations. The guided tour is about one and a half hours, and we can purchase tickets for 7-10 Euros (it’s free for children under 5).


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    Waterslide in the winter too

    We’ve been to Alsómarác before, but now we were lucky because we arrived on time, and we could try out Therme 3000 bath complex, and the operating slides within before its closure at 9 pm. It feels great climbing up to the tower from the inner bath section, and slide down the almost pitch-black slide arriving in the graceful 30-32-degree water of the outdoor pool. Of course, the second round was not that scorching for us than the first experience, but the children still enjoyed the 10th round the same way. Several hotels are part of Therme 3000 complex. From 3-star to 5-star luxury resorts, the whole complex is practically permeable and every resort has a separate wellness section and of course – the trademarks of Alsómarác – black water pools. We advise the recently refurbished Hotel Ajda in which not only the rooms and the wellness section, but the kitchen is excellent too. And don’t be surprised if you get Hungarian service from the waiters.


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