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    Paradise campings on the island of Krk

    I’ve spent 5 days in the best campings of Croatia, and it was enough to detect: 1. camping is more popular than ever and 2. I want to come back again to see the unique scenery while washing up the dishes. Am I mad? I don’t think so.

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    I’ve never really been that camping type, and I’m not keen on sleeping in a tent. If I have the chance, I prefer apartments or hotels, because I like comfort but I must admit that I was watching regular campers basking on the seaside parcels with envy, who already took up their usual places in the beginning of June. We’re at the island of Krk in Croatia, at Camping Krk, which is altogether 3 kilometres East from Krk city’s old town, right at the pebbly-rocky seashore.


    At the entrance a tollgate and a guard greets us, as you cannot drive in just like that to the facility which is a 5-star camping from this year. A 5-star camping? As we continued our way, the classification known from hotels made sense. On the way to the parking lot, everywhere we looked we saw ordered flower beds, freshly mowed lawn, a bar protected by sunshade, and the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic.

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    Camping Jezevac, Camping Krk, Camping Bunculuka – Everything in one hand?

    Since the 2011 foundation of  Valamar Riviera d. d., seated in Porec, it created a unique resort portfolio on the Croatian market. They own 40 hotels and 13 campings on the Adriatic shoreline, from Istria to Dubrovnik. Thanks to their capacity of altogether 48 thousand places, Valamar Group is the biggest touristic branch office of Croatia. In 2016 they invested more than 80 million kunas (around 3 billion forints) in the refurbishment of the resorts in their portfolio.

    Mobile houses with amazing views

    As my accommodations was in one of the newly built Bella Vista premium mobile houses, after the check-in they took my from the parking lot right to the entrance of the house with an electric golf car. I was lucky enough to be among the first ones to try one of the luxury mobile houses of Bella Vista Premium Village, which was finished by the 2016 season. There are 63 similar devices in the camping in Krk, and alongside the 5-star equipment, all of the mobile houses boasts an opulent prospect. Along the totally equipped kitchen we find a living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms on these 32 square meters, and of course garden furniture on the grand terrace. There’s air conditioning, satellite TV, bathroom tools and everything we would expect from a good hotel room as well. So, I didn’t need to surrender my comfort (the village’s guests even have a private panorama pool), but anyhow I was enthusiastic to know more about real campers’ life. So, I’ve looked around.


    Let’s start with Camping Krk winning the ADAC and ANWB best camping award last year, and this year as well, so I was curious about the available services. First of all, visitors can choose from camping places of 6 different comfort levels. Even the smallest parcel is 60 square meters, but in the biggest, Luxury Mare category places we can splurge on 120 square meters. It’s comfortable even with those huge recreation vehicles. It’s interesting that I saw almost only caravans and recreation vehicles in the camping. Even those with tents had their caravans standing next to them, full of everything that makes camping comfortable. Electricity and water availability is solved everywhere (and of course WIFI too), plus the higher comfort level parcels offer extras like wastewater sinker, own parasol, barbecue, first class views, or own shower room at the camping place. A few words about the shower room…

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    At first I thought that the hotel-like restroom is because of this unit was built newly for this season. Well not at all! The older restroom was just as roomy, elegant and neat, probably the only difference was the lack of the plashing in front of the entrance. Up till now if someone talked about campings, I always thought of sleazy restrooms, but I have to admit, this type of accommodation is much more attractive to me now. If you need to wash up the dishes, there are the outdoor but covered sinks, and you can also do your laundry here with the brand-new washing and drying machines. And while you brush your teeth, you can admire the sight of the sun diving behind the Adriatic.

    The Adriatic is exceedingly clear here (as well), so it’s not a coincidence that it is a blue flag class beach. Anyone can use the parasols and sunbeds on the pebbly/rocky shore, which is positive. Plenty arrived with their pets, but I only noticed when I got to the beach upheld for dogs (and their owners) by accident. It’s a really cultivated solution and it turned out that dogs can enjoy the cooling Adriatic in any of the campings of Valamar.

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    The newly built bar is right on the shore, where no matter the 5 stars, prices are surprisingly low-key. The á la carte restaurant not far would worth an own post in a gastro blog, because they cooked so good; but that’s actually true for the other catering units of Valamar group too. The heated infinity pool and the water funfair with slides was visibly a real bell ringer, just as the spa section with the saunas and massage treatments. Of course, we can enjoy the massages on the shore as well, and so did a middle-aged Italian married couple when I was there. There are also plenty of sports facilities: tennis, basketball, volleyball, and there are clubs here for every age-class, with further, age-appropriate possibilities to have fun. The 20 minute video I made as a live Facebook stream in the beginning of June delivers the camping’s ambiance well, so I suggest everyone should watch it who’s preparing to visit Krk for some camping.


    The camping is proud for its environmentally friendly operation, which is visible during the everyday life. On the top of the restrooms there are solar collectors and solar cell boards to help the production of hot water and electricity. They collect rubbish selectively, and wastewater too, which is used for flooding by the gardeners afterwards. It’s always a pleasure to hear about something like this, especially to see it yourself how the system is working, and people are happy to grab the chance to save the environment.

    Camping Krk – How much?

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    Just a few words about prices. If someone would like to camp here in the high season, so July and August, needs to reach deep down in the pocket. The 4 person mobile houses cost 150-200 Euros per night, depending on comfort level. The more comfortable parcels cost at least 50-60 Euros per night, for 4 persons. On the other hand, the prices of the pre-, and post-season are really affordable. For the same mobile houses during April/May and September/October cost 30-50 Euros, while for a Comfort Mare parcel we need to pay less than 30 Euros, plus the camping is less crowded.



    If we are planning to camp on Krk island during the high season anyway, but find Camping Krk’s prices too high, I can advise the 4-star Camping Jezevac on the other side of the city. Prices here are low-key during the high season as well (especially with mobile houses), and the standards of the camping are similar.

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    Krk – the paradise for naturist campers?

    I started my resume with saying I’m not the real camping type. Now I need to tell, I have never been to a naturist beach. And neither to a camping dedicated specifically to naturists, up till now.


    The Valamar Group has 3 naturist camps, the most famous and the biggest is the 4-star Naturist Camping Bunculuka, which lies just a few minutes’ drive from the wonderful shore of Baska, in a beautiful bay. Camping Krk had a pretty awesome view, but at Bunculuka, it’s really like paradise, so it’s clear why Istria is the favourite place for holidays in birthday suit.

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    You can only take photos with allowance, and mainly only about the scenery. There’s no reason to be surprised about that; it’s not a coincidence that the camping lies in a valley, where naturists can follow their passion untroubled, and closed for curious eyes. Of course, there’s a price you need to pay for fantastic views and serenity, so we can expect prices similar to Camping Krk.


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