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    One of Europe’s biggest campings near Porec – Camping Lanterna

    Camping is not only popular at the Istria, but it’s a fact that here they do it on a really high level. They don’t stint the time and the money to develop from year to year, to bring nature and comfort a bit closer to the travelers sensitive for this, at the most beautiful shoreline of Europe (and according to some, the world’s most beautiful one). Success did not lag behind; the peak season went on full house.

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    Valamar Group invited us to the biggest camping of Croatia, to the 80-acre Camping Lanterna next to Porec, Istria. At the 4-star camping, after crossing the barrier, a reception humbling hotels welcomed us, and the check-in process was similar too. We realized the camping’s size after seeing the map they handed us. Where they can accommodate 10 thousand people, distances exist.


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    Before occupying our accommodation in the Mediterranean style mobile houses located at the furthest point of the camping, we had some time to look around. It became clear quickly that those 10 thousand people can really fit here comfortably, as the camping lots are huge. Our accommodation was at the brand new Mediterranean Garden Premium Village, which covers the dozens of luxury mobile houses located in the Mediterranean garden finished for the 2016 season. Everything could fit in the 34-acre area, and it basically gave an experience of a hotel level, close to nature. This is what a lot of people like; being close to nature with keeping their comfort. Maybe that’s the reason why we can see people arrive with almost only caravans or campers, or in some zones let by Camping Lanterna, tents and mobile houses of other associations.


    Little tents are not that popular around here, unless we talk about the 3-km shoreline of the Lanterna. In the quiet zone, far away from the children’s pool, directly on the shore of the Adriatic we can see more “classical” campers. By the way here we find the 7 new Glamping tents, which are also available since 2016, and in the after-season, we can rent them for an unbeatable price, around 40 Euros. From the natural materials-made Glamping tents, there’s a fantastic view on the sea, and among panorama, we get all the comfort of a mobile house, and still we’re a bit closer to nature.


    The shoreline is tidy and exigent; there are showers on every passage, and access to the water by ladder, stairs or naturally. Those arriving with pets received an own shore. The shoreline is mainly pebbled, but we also find rocky parts, but if someone prefers the sandy beach ambience, good news is that it’s also available at the Lanterna from 2016.

    The camping is known for its family friendliness. During the whole season, animation programs, sports and recreational programs await the little ones. And from the 2016 season, they can occupy a brand new water funfair with 6 pools, slides and a pirate ship.

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    If you’re seeking for camping on the best price, you can do two things. Arrive in the pre-season in June, or choose September and book for the after-season still offering great weather. One thing’s for sure: you better book for next year as soon as you can, as places are filled quickly.

    In the following short video we show you what you can expect if choosing Camping Lanterna. The video was made during the pre-season.

    Porec in the neighborhood

    15 minutes by car from Camping Lanterna you find the town of Porec, which is one of the citadels of Istrian tourism. Valamar Group has concernments in hotels too, such as Valamar Riviera Hotel in the old town of Porec, in which we had the luck to try the excellent fine dining restaurant.

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    Beside the great restaurants, bars and cafés, Porec is worth a visit for its many blue flag beaches, and the historical city center. The town was founded by the Romans, but the area was already inhabited earlier. During the 2000 years passed since the Roman Empire, numerous folks lived here. The city’s core kept its contexture from the Roman era.


    Among the sights, there’s the Euphrasius Basilica, built in the 6th century, which is one of the town’s gems, part of the World Heritage. After buying the 40-Kuna entrance ticket, we can admire the basilica’s wonderful Byzantine mosaics in the apse, and climb up to the bell tower built in the 16th century, to see the beautiful town from up there.

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    Walking further in the ambient little streets of Porec, we can explore the memories of different eras. The Round Tower built in the 15th century was part of the old town wall, today a café is operating on its top. At Marafor square, the old Roman main square we can find the ruins of the Temple of Neptune, remained from the first century. But the 13th century – today operating as an exhibition room – Romanesque house, or one of the Venetian palaces in the old town, they all spread a different ambience. But the architecture of different eras creates a great whole, and makes the town of Porec a real, can’t miss gem.


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    Not far from Camping Lanterna, at the edge of Tar you can find the Spin cheese factory and its restaurant. If you’re seeking to taste special Istrian cheese, or try the best olive oils, or maybe interested in all the crafts of cheese making, don’t miss this place. At the restaurant, beside an easy lunch, or cheese and olive oil tasting, we can also purchase the local cheese, oils and wines.


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    Világutazó took part in the international press tour organized by MGM Media Optima, and supported by Valamar Group. We are grateful for the opportunity.

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