Everglades – home of the alligators

Thanks to DERTOUR Hungária, we didn’t have to miss the Everglades National Park laying between Miami and Naples, during our travel in Florida. We could take a look at the interesting world of the Florida moorland during an exciting airboat tour.

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The Everglades National Park is the second biggest National Park in the USA, which can be found in the most southern state, Florida. The moorland once extending on ten-thousands of square kilometres, now lessened to 6100 square kilometres, thanks to the additional drainages, and transformations into croplands and residential zones.


The park founded in 1974 was pronounced part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979. Because of the overflow of river Okeechobee, most of the national park is under water 365 days a year. During the centuries, the settled limestone and clay burden of River Grass (connecting Okeechobee and the sea) was what made the area a moorland.

The national park’s diverse flora and fauna unfortunately keeps on tapering “thanks” to human intervention, but they still keep count on more than 400 breeds of birds (e.g..: aigrette, pelican, snakebird), and several mammals – e.g..: Florida hare, leopard, Virginian deer – found home in the area that may seem grim for the first sight. But there’s no doubt it’s the alligator that rules the Everglade moorland and brings fame to the park.


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The Mississippi alligator, or American alligator cannot really be found in the USA out of the Everglades National Park, probably only in Georgia and Alabama. Alligators in the ’50-s were almost exterminated from the Everglades so they made a law for their protection in 1961. Nowadays, they are so pullulated again, that they assigned their hunt again. They can’t even esteem their number, so that’s why detective story writers write about the Everglades moorland of choice, as the field of assured death. Of course tourists have nothing to fear of, especially if they visit the park with professionals just like the tour guides of the Everglades Safari Park.


The airboat is one of the Everglade’s trade-marks. The plain bottom, metal-made boats have air screwed propulsion, making transport possible on the moorland somewhere not deeper than 15 cm (it’s also safe for the alligators). Everglades Safari Park is only 30 miles from Miami on road 41, where several similar parks offer their services.


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For the 25 dollar entrance fee (for children under 11 it’s 12 dollars) we can take part in a 30-40 minute guided airboat tour with an experienced tour guide, who gives us interesting information about the wildlife and emergence of the park. Be prepared that the airboat is really loud, of course they ensure ear tabs for everyone, but if it’s not enough, it’s advised to take a seat in the front of the boat. With the entrance ticket we can also see an exhibition, and take part in a real alligator show.

Ha Miamiba tervezel utazást, akkor mindenképp látogass el a Dertour Luxury oldalára és foglalj szobát Miami legjobb szállodáiba, garantáljuk, hogy nem fogsz csalódni.

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